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Why Work with an Annuity Leads Service?

The majority of insurance agencies appear to be focusing on traditional services such as life insurance. However, there are also lucrative sales opportunities to be found in annuity leads if you're licensed to do so. Just like traditional insurance policyholders, well to do seniors, from all walks of life, need annuity products that meet their financial planning needs. Unfortunately, with potentially lucrative annuity sales commissions, also come difficulties; such as finding and contacting those seniors who are actively planning for their financial future and shopping around for annuities. This tends to be time-consuming and frustrating for insurance agents.

  • High net worth seniors are good, but don't focus just on them.

Closing that high net worth senior sale might appear to be your fastest route to financial success, but the larger pool of average independent seniors who don't depend on others or continued employment to survive, who are actively planning their financial futures, are what tend to drive revenues for many insurance agents and carriers who write business in the senior annuity market. Thus, the 65+ demographic overall controls an extraordinary amount of wealth, and they need informed agents like you to get them the products they need. With a qualified annuity lead service such as Insurance Leads standing in your corner, these hidden gems are available to you along with the big boys.

Educated Prospects are the Best Prospects

  • Spreading awareness about the benefits of annuities in sound financial planning to attract more clients.

By objectively educating seniors about their potential financial planning needs and how annuities can help them achieve their goals, annuity lead generation services like Insurance Leads are able to tap an informational mother lode that creates high-intent online or phone-in insurance prospects, and as such provide you with only the best annuity leads.

Insurance Leads puts all of the vital pieces of the annuity lead acquisition puzzle together. Their educational online portals regarding annuities attracts the right prospects. Therefore, this results in a healthy flow of annuity leads to improve your ROI, save time, and develop that potentially lucrative market segment for your agency.

Why Partner with Insurance Leads?

Of course, if you have an annuity lead generation workflow in place that's working for you, you should continue to use it. However, by adding a trusted, experienced live transfer leads provider in to the mix, this allows you to populate your sales funnel with leads that have information that is completely tailored to your needs. Thusly, this frees up your valuable time to service existing clients, and write more business with only high-intent prospects.

Insurance Leads is expertly familiar with the importance of filtering out questionable annuity leads and collecting the right type of data to deliver to their member agents. Fast, accurate service is what they excel at so that you can close the sale and service your existing clients. Contact them today and find our for yourself exactly how they can help transform your bottom line into solid black…

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