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In today’s high tech, and alas ultra competitive, insurance marketing arena, today’s most successful insurance agents take advantage of today’s proven cutting-edge strategies for building their businesses. Thanks to today’s tech, chief among these are live transfer insurance leads. These leads are rigorously screened and filtered for intent to speak with an actual insurance agent, and as such the agent can be reasonably assured that they are speaking with a prospect that actually wants to discuss the purchase of the insurance products and services that the insurance agent specializes in.

A high respected and trusted leader in the insurance lead generation space, Insurance Leads takes all the guesswork out of this type of insurance marketing. This allows you to focus on what you do best, which is close the sale and service your existing clients without wasting your precious time and resources.

How InsuranceLeads’ Live Connect Concierge Inbound Phone Insurance Leads Work

InsuranceLeads Finds Interested Insurance Prospects

InsuranceLeads Finds Interested Insurance Prospects

InsuranceLeads’ Customer Acquisition Marketing (CAM) technology platform attracts, engages with and converts consumers into paying policyholders for their member insurance agents.

InsuranceLeads Verifies the Prospect's Interest

InsuranceLeads Verifies the Prospect’s Interest

InsuranceLeads’ call center agents engage these consumers in live voice conversations, complete the verification and qualification of the consumer by asking a series of highly targeted questions that verify the identity, profile, and purchase intent of your prospects.

InsuranceLeads Live Transfers the Prospect

InsuranceLeads Live Transfers the Prospect

Once the consumer has confirmed their desire to speak with an Agent to get a quote right now, InsuranceLeads’ call center agent performs the live transfer of the consumer to you in real-time.

Screened Inboound Insurance Calls

Screened Inbound Insurance Calls

InsuranceLeads’ guarantees a 100% contact rate so that you can focus on what you do best, sell more policies. To learn more, speak with a Specialist at (855) 209-8938 today so you can get started closing more prospects with rigorously screened live transfer insurance leads.

So, why go with Insurance Leads? Here’s what your fellow agents have to say about them…

What Agents are Saying about InsuranceLeads

“Every dollar counts! I love the live transfer calls- our closing ratio is AWESOME with your leads!”

State Farm Agent in MD

“Your leads are working out great!! I am writing about 1 out of every 2 leads I get from you guys, if not every single lead! Thanks so much!”

Nate Schmidt,
Farmers Agent,
Phoenix, AZ

“Your company has been fantastic. We have been purchasing leads from Insuranceleads.com for the past couple of years and our monthly premium is averaging approximately 600k/a month just off your website alone!

Additionally, our representative, Luis Amezcua has been great. He is very attentive and has always catered to our needs. We have already referred a few agents that are now using your website and their premium has increased substantially. We plan on bringing on anywhere from 20-30 more agents that will be using Insuranceleads.com here within the next couple of months. Thank you for the business!! Keep the quality leads coming!!”

Wayne Miller,
Independent Sales Manager,
Indianapolis, IN

“The Health insurance leads are top notch. I prefer to have those over any I’ve had in the past who sell them to more brokers than they represent. Very few credits needed.”

Mike Campbell,
Independent Insurance Professional,
Pensacola, FL

“I have been receiving leads for a little over a week and at this point I am very satisfied. As you know it usually takes several weeks to turn leads into sales. I have more leads working and genuine interest than any other internet leads I have ever worked. I have not had one complain that they have been receiving a lot of calls like I usually see with internet leads. If these work as well as I expect I will be really happy. Thanks for all you do!”

Michael Cannon,
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Agent,
Lubbock, TX

“I’ve been buying leads from you for over a year, I had a couple of the other lead generating companies as well. By far I have had the MOST success converting your leads into policies. In 2 weeks, I got 28 leads, and converted 12, that’s almost a 43% closing ratio. And out of those, I might get another 1-3 policies. I’m a happy camper!!!!! Oh and by the way…I turned off the other companies and now I’m all yours. If you ever need to give an agent a reference of who’s doing leads through you guys, have them call me, I’m a real agent, and this works guaranteed. The leads work, call me and I’ll tell you how to make it work for you.”

John Gittisarn,
Farmer’s Insurance,
Los Angeles, CA

Your Warm Transfer Insurance Leads Advantage

  • Leading source of high-intent live transfer leads and inbound calls

  • A constantly evolving proprietary smart customer acquisition solution built on solid experience

  • A cutting-edge service guided by feedback from thousands of insurance agents

  • An intuitive and easy-to-use Agent Gateway with self-service capabilities for everyday use

  • State-of-the-Art Account Management

  • A highly rated, trusted provider within the insurance and financial community, recently ranked #1 for conversion rate by the Leads360 Lead Industry Awards

  • Tools and resources to keep learning as an Agent and business owner

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