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Why Insurance Sales Funnel Software Could Turn Under Performers into Superstars

As an Insurance Agency Broker the last thing you want to do is revisit ‘Sales Prospecting' how to's. You've paid your dues in the insurance sales industry and you know what you're doing; otherwise you wouldn't be where you are today with your agency and would have left our industry ages ago. After all, that's up to your new insurance agent hires. Isn't it?

As a matter of fact, quite a few agencies have this mindset regarding the investment in a “Sales Prospecting System” for their insurance agent sales staff…

“That's what we hire our insurance agents for. After all is said and done, if they're not able to meet their sales prospecting requirements, they're let go and we go about the business of finding agents who can. You simply don't stay in business very long with empty sales funnels.”

We understand and appreciate that this is fair, as all jobs, sales or otherwise, have requirements that need to be met for successful performance and productivity. The fact of the matter is that the majority of insurance agent job descriptions, you'll see among Insurance Agent Job Duties listed bullet points such as:

“Excellent cold calling and lead generation experience,” or “Must be able to identify Target multi-line insurance prospects and maintain an appropriate activity sales funnel,” or “Must meet or exceed monthly insurance sales quota standards.”

So Why Should Your Insurance Agency Consider Sales Funnel Software for Their Insurance Agents?

In justifying that investment in your agency's bottom line, let's first go over one of the primary duties in an Insurance Agent's job description:

“Responsible for developing a base for long-term sources of policy holders utilizing referrals, occupational, and special-interest groups to create insurance sales prospecting lists.”

Now let's break this agent requirement into individual elements and scrutinize it from the perspective of a professional investor looking into a business. Here are some synonyms for the word ‘Responsible':

  • Accountable

  • Answerable

  • Conscientious

  • Dependable

  • Guilty

  • In charge

  • Liable

  • To blame

We can't speak on your behalf, but in our understanding here, we already feel as an Insurance Agent has a vested interest here and as such he or she is expected to perform accordingly. Now let's dig a little deeper by pulling out the phrase “for long-term sources of policy holders “.

There are are many long-term sources of prospects. Two them include “outsourced lead generation” or you can elect to “generate your own leads“. If your lead sources are garbage for whatever reason and you continue to rely on them then its only a matter of time before you're either out of business as an Insurance Agency or out of a job as an insurance agent.

Thus, it makes perfect to experiment with new approaches to prospecting in the 21st century that are likely to drive results in a best practice prospecting system to support and encourage new insurance sales appointment activity.

Make Insurance Sales Prospecting Fun Again…

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On a Final Note…

“Best practices” are the entirety of everyone's knowledge in your insurance agency that gives your company a competitive edge in today's modern insurance sales marketing arena.

Putting in place an insurance sales funnel software tool such as ClickFunnels to work in partnership with your best practice components and elements, helps insure that no one on your insurance sales team will be left behind resulting on increased productivity that makes both insurance brokers and their insurance agency very happy in the form of increased prospect flow that will drive new business and help you reach your desired results more often.

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Best Wishes Always and Happy Selling,

The Warm Transfer Insurance Leads Team

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